Chippie Company

Chippie Company

Your costs for mobile communication can get way out of control. Now even more with the ever increasing demand for mobile internet access and mobile applications through smartphones. Mobile communication has become vital when doing business, therefore you don't want to limit contact with your customers, team-members or suppliers. We've designed a special suite of services and facilities called Chippie Company.

Chippie Company
Chippie Company

The benefits

  • Unlimited* calling
    Full control on costs with unlimited calling to Chippieland
  • Limited or unlimited* calling
    to other local destinations and popular international destinations depending on selected bundle
  • Unlimited* SMS to the world
    Enjoy sending SMS to all your contacts around the world
  • High speed data bundles
  • Latest smartphones
    Extensive range of the latest smartphones to make the best use of these services
  • Flexibility
    The flexibility to choose the right data-bundle for each co-worker
  • How does it work?

    How to get Chippie Company

    To apply for a Chippie Company, all you have to do is visit the UTS Business Store. A minimum 5 subscribers is needed and make sure you have the following documents with you:

    • A copy of the register at the Chamber of Commerce not older than 6 months
    • A valid ID
    • For new customers a deposit and installation fee is required.

Chippie Company is available starting from ANG 79.00 per month.

Keep your business connected while on-the-go
Being connected to the internet can make your business more productive and profitable. Check your emails while on the go so that you won’t miss any business opportunities, access the cloud to have access to important documents at any time or simply stay connected with your colleagues or clients via instant messaging. Therefore, we have LTE Data in all our Chippie company Bundles! Our Chippie Company bundles provide you with mobile access to the internet to use in Chippieland.

Want to have the peace of mind of always being able to have enough minutes and be connected to the internet? With the Chippie Company Bundles you can choose between a variety of bundle in which for sure you will find a bundle that fits your needs.


Upgrade your Smartphone

A smartphone is included with your Chippie Company plan but you're able to upgrade your included device if you wish to do so. Select between a variety of popular smartphone models for a small additional charge per month.


See phones

Need more data? Add #DataSnacks

Did you used all your data in your Chippie Company bundle? No worries, with the DataSnacks you can add more data to your bundle. You can continue surfing, streaming and stay connected with friends, family and co-workers anytime you are on the go. With the #DataSnacks you can, WhatsApp, Skype, update and upload pictures on Facebook and Instagram, watch your favorite videos on YouTube, download and watch your favorite movies or stream anytime or anywhere you want. #DataSnacks are applicable for Chippie Company users with no data bundle, or that ran out of data of their data bundle.

#DataSnacks benefits

  • More flexibility
    Activate the #DataSnacks of your choice, whether it’s per day, week or month on top of your Calling Circle.
  • Open for all apps
    Use the #DataSnacks the way that you want, as we don’t restrict any apps.
  • Chippieland benefit
    You can travel with your #DataSnacks within Chippieland without roaming charges.
  • Free access to LTE
    With our #DataSnacks you enjoy higher data connection, if you have a smartphone which is LTE compatible.

Bundle Name




SMS code to 3434

chco day 150ANG 4.99150 MBValid 1 daysCHCOD150
chco 3 day 400ANG 9.99400 MBValid 3 daysCHCO3D400
chco week 1000ANG 22.001000 MBValid 7 daysCHCOW1000
chco month 750ANG 32.00750 MBValid 30 daysCHCOM750
chco month 3000ANG 56.003000 MBValid 30 daysCHCOM3000
chco month 6000ANG 94.006000 MBValid 30 daysCHCOM6000
  • How does it work?

    Instructions to activate #DataSnacks

    To activate one of the #DataSnacks bundles on your smartphone is easy. Just follow these steps:
    1. Check your smartphone:
      To be able to activate one of the #DataSnacks you must be in possession of a BlackBerry with OS10 or a another smartphone device: Samsung, iPhone, Nokia , Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, etc. (Non-BlackBerry smartphones).
    2. Check if your smartphone is compatible to our data network:
      You must have an HSPA+ smartphone with the 3G/4G frequency of 850/2100 MHz. In case you have an LTE device, your device should also support the following LTE frequency: band 3 1800Mhz.
    3. Check if you APN is set to PREMIUM on your smartphone:
      The APN setting on your smartphone needs to be the word “ premium” in order for #DataSnacks to work. These settings vary per smartphone, but can often be found in Settings-> Mobile Network-> APN.
    4. Choose your #DataSnacks bundle and send the activation code (see table) via SMS to 3434:
      For example: To activate the #DataSnack of 3000MB for 30 days, send CHCOM3000 to 3434
    5. Confirmation message:
      You will receive an SMS to confirm the data service you have just activated. Send A to confirm the requested data plan. After confirmation you will receive an SMS with the following message that your data plan has been charged. Immediately after, you will receive an SMS that your data plan has been activated.
    6. Check the balance and expiration date of your #DataSnacks:
      To check the balance and expiration date of your #DataSnacks bundle send an SMS with the text "CHCO INFO" to 3434.
  • #DataSnacks Terms & Conditions
    • The service is applicable for prepaid customers and can only be activated/ deactivated in homeland.
    • #DataSnacks can be consumed in homeland as well as Chippieland.
    • Data usage will be charged per MB.
    • Termination data bundle: #DataSnacks will terminate when the given quota has been used or when the expiry date has been reached. The expiry date is the date until which the #DataSnack will be valid with the given amount of quota. If you have not used all your given quota and you have reached your expiry date, the remaining data will be lost. If the given quota is consumed before the expiry date, you can choose to activate another #DataSnack.

      In case of Chippie Company user with a monthly data bundle, the #DataSnack will terminate when the given quota has been used or when the expiry date has been reached. The data quota of the #DataSnack will be lost with the renewal of the monthly data bundle each 1st day of the month. 
    • Download and Upload speed: customers with an active #DataSnack can reach download speeds up to 16Mbps and upload speeds up to 3Mpbs depending if you device that is LTE compatible with our network. Available speeds depend on your mobile device, traffic on the internet, and the number of users close to a network base station. In order to be able to make optimal use of our data services, the mobile device should be compatible with our network.
    • #DataSnacks cannot be activated if you have data quota left from another bundle with data.
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