Connnected Objects

Stay connected with your assets without any human interference.

Nowadays Machine to Machine solutions have become more popular and has become useful in increasing company’s efficiency. Machine to Machine solutions can provide your company with valuable information in real time or on demand by utilizing the mobile network. Machine to machine solutions can be used for your business to gain knowledge, remotely manage systems and assets of monitor your vehicle or cargo shipment over land, sea or air.

UTS Business offer a variety of data only services that will help you supports, connect and manage virtually any type of assets such as:

vehicle tracking,

smart readers,

company alarms,

vending machines or

utility devices.

By using UTS SIM cards together with a specific APN and a VPN connection the security is enhanced. This offers additional security for the data that is sent via the mobile network and provides you and your customers the reliability that you need.

We are ready for the future, are you?

Please contact your Account Manager or visit our UTS Business Store to learn more about Connected Objects.